Tax-Efficient Investing: 5 Ways You Can Keep More of What You Earn (Webinar)

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And that’s a wrap! We just completed the second installment of our OneBite™ Webinar series, where we took an in-depth look at one of the biggest barriers to long-term investment growth: taxes.

Far too many people ignore the impact that taxes can have on their earnings over time. But you don’t have to be one of them.

From tax-savvy strategies to the staples of a smart investment plan, we’re giving you a recap of the webinar, plus additional resources that can help you beat the tax drag and boost your bottom line. Scroll up to watch the full presentation, or scroll down to get a quick glimpse of the highlights!

Webinar Highlights: Three Rules of Thumb to Remember

1. Focus on the factors you can control.

Tax Efficient Webinar Series_About-What-You-Keep

Remember that when it comes to investing, it’s not what you earn that really counts — it’s what you keep.

During the webinar, we posed a question to our audience: which U.S. state has the highest capital gains tax rate? Here’s a quick snapshot of their responses:


As you can see, most of our audience expected New York to take the cake. And while the Big Apple does boast one of the highest tax rates in the country — ringing in at 8.82 percent — it’s California that actually tops the list, with a top-tier tax rate of 13.3 percent. Florida, on the other hand, places no tax burden on capital gains income.1

Now, that doesn’t mean you should pack your bags and hop on the next flight to the Sunshine State — but this gives you an idea of how important it can be to have an investment strategy that takes taxes into consideration.

2. You can take advantage of market turbulence.

Tax Efficient Webinar Series_2-silver-lining

Stressed out over market volatility? Look on the bright side — you can use turbulent markets to your advantage and potentially capture greater savings by employing tax-loss harvesting, or the practice of selling an investment at a loss and buying a similar substitute investment simultaneously.2 This strategy can help you reduce your current (or future) tax bill and ride out the market roller coaster with confidence.

3. Too much tax efficiency is never enough.

Be a Tax-Smart Investor

If you’ve already tuned into the webinar, then you know that indexing can be a simple, yet effective method for boosting after-tax returns. Enter Tax-Smart Indexing™ (TSI), our new strategy for helping clients supercharge their indexing approach to keep more of what they earn for the future.3 Click here to find out how it works.

Enhance Your Investment Knowledge: Download Our Resources

We know that tax efficiency is a key component of any solid, long-term investment strategy. But it’s just one piece of the puzzle.

Click the images below to download our resource guides and learn more tactics for enhancing tax savings, plus 10 principles for investing success:

Pursuing a Better Investment Experience Introduction to Tax-Smart Indexing


Are you ready to become a tax-smart investor? Contact one of our advisors for help in developing your own tax-efficient investment strategy


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Tax-Efficient Investing: 5 Ways You Can Keep More of What You Earn (Webinar)

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